Benjamin Wood is the first to bring Morgan cars to Shanghai. A proud owner of several Morgan cars, Ben admires the philosophy of the British vehicle: classic yet modern, extravagant yet simple. More importantly, each car is built by hand, meaning no two Morgan cars are the same. These individualistic qualities are also found in Ben’s architecture and life.

Shanghai’s Xintiandi is the first project Ben designed in China. Subsequently, every other city has requested a similar cultural gem, a festive place to reminisce, revel, and hope. Hangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Dalian, and Foshan are just a few of the additional cities Ben has shaped. Each project is mindful of the specific physical and spiritual elements respective to the site, gracefully forgoing the fleeting fashions of architecture. The most basic delights come from the wealth of senses unique to every region. Needless to say, no two projects are the same.

Ben is no stranger to speed and machines. As a trained pilot of the RF4 Phantom jet at the age of 23, Ben never disengaged from appreciating engines and their extraordinary abilities, from excavators, motorcycles, supercars, to airplanes. More than a superior machine, the Morgan car is also about presence and craftsmanship – some of Ben’s most favorite things.

The highly anticipated Morgan dealership allows Ben to share his passions with you.


Benjamin Wood is the CEO of Morgan Motors Shanghai and an architect.